How I Try to 3D Print Effectively

For quite some time I have had a Robo 3D R1+ 3D printer which sits in my basement. It's mostly undisturbed and out of the way, which makes it a lot easier to print without worrying about mishaps. It is very easy to load plastic in and out, and it is also very easy to adjust the settings for each print because I use MatterControl. However, there are some issues that arise from not always maintaining the printer. In order to make it quick and easy to print an object, I employ a few simple steps to ensure I can 3D print as efficiently as I can. It involves two areas: preparing my printer and then designing the object I want to print so it is optimized for the printer.

First, I wipe the print bed with a damp paper towel. This ensures a clean and smooth surface for the print to start on, and of course also removes any adhesive used from previous prints. Then, I spray the print bed with hairspray. This ensures that the print will stick to the bed and not become dislodged. After that, I…

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