Romeo and Juliet Review

This is a book review I had to write as part of my ELA Class.

      The play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare is known as one of the greatest tragic plays ever written. It tells the story of Romeo and Juliet, two lovers who come from different families, the Montagues and the Capulets. These families are in a blood feud, and as such, would not allow the two to marry. As a result, they turn to outside help but in a snowballing twist of events they end up taking their own lives. Unlike many others, I think that Romeo and Juliet is not at all a very good play, and several elements could have been better. There were many clever moments in the play, but most of it felt either too long or too short. In particular, I found Romeo to be poorly characterized and his actions and personality made me feel less sympathetic towards him. I also found that his actions lessened the tragic element for me. On the other hand, I enjoyed the scenes with Mercutio and Tybalt, as they bought drama and a…

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