Air Breathing Research: Yatabe Densetsu

    Months ago I had come to piece together a significant chunk of this story together, but I had been unable to write it and so  a channel called Hunter's Moon  beat me to the punch by publishing his video first. While we both use the same sources, I'm more focused on the history of ABR as opposed to its connections to Wangan Midnight.       Most of my information, by the way, comes from secondary sources- mostly  Auto Team Retro  and Auto Mode Japan. Sadly, Auto Mode Japan has removed their online presence. Auto Team Retro is still around, thankfully. I found the interview with Masaru Hosoki on an old reddit post that sadly no longer has working links. On the plus side, I screenshotted what I could,  and it is safely preserved in my google drive before it was taken down. The pictures of the white ABR kitted S130Z are from another blog that unfortunately I can't seem to find with searching. Pictures of the Mid Night S130 as well as some small information comes from  a GTP

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