Picture Taking at The Grand Canyon

In July, my family and I got to visit the Grand Canyon, which was an experience unlike anything else in the world. I know that sounds cliche, but if you go there yourself, then you will come to know what I mean.

 Before this, I had only seen other people's pictures of the Grand Canyon, so at first it did not appeal to me. When I saw it in person, I understood why it was such an amazing sight. I  also used this opportunity to practice my photography skills.

  I took two sets of pictures, one during the sunset and one at sunrise. These pictures were taken during sunset:

 The above picture is my first picture. On the right, there are three formations in the distance. One such formation, called the Isis Temple, highlighted by the glowing peak on the right, is easily distinguishable in this picture.

 For Picture 2,  I wanted to capture the sunset's reflection off of the rock. I like Picture 2 because of how the sun lit up the cliff on the right. For the last picture of the eveni…

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