Portal 2 PEtI Content

 Portal 2 is one of my favorite games and I have enjoyed playing it through multiple times. With the PC-only Perpetual Testing Initiative update, the game caught my interest again since I could play community-built levels. These levels are usually made in an in-game editor, but mods have expanded the ability for players to make unique levels, as well as the availability for people to make maps using Hammer, the development kit for the game. 

I made a series of maps using both Hammer, and a modded version of the in-game editor. I am not very experienced in Hammer, so compared to what other people have made my levels aren't the best. The puzzles I made in the in-game editor are much better quality, although the solutions for them tend to be very straightforward or somewhat unusual. I made 19 levels and organized them into a collection on Steam. If you're interested in playing them, please click the following link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2067657637